This page includes all the campaigns – Advertising and social that have been done for the purpose of BFA and MDes. so far, starting form the first ever Advertising campaign done by me, it has been a long journey of learning new trends, more content will be added as I move along this journey.

NOTE – All the Images used in the below Assignments / Projects are my own and photoshoot is done in studio or outdoor, none of the images are borrowed or copied from anywhere.

1st Advertising CampaignFevicryl

Back in the 6th Semester of my BFA, I did my first campaign, a lot of effort was put and a lot studio and outdoor photoshoot was done, there was a lot of effort involved around this campaign and here it is.



Press Ad – Newspaper & Magazine

Pamphlet – Front / Back

Stationary – Letter Head, Visiting Card, Envelop


Other Miscellaneous media like tags and other small ads concerning the brand were made for the display which are not uploaded here.

2nd Social Campaign – Abolish Nuclear Weapons

The following campaign was made based on a social reason and purpose, a topic that is of prime importance and needs immediate awareness, it involves our planet and it’s well being and needs immediate attention . The Images used in the campaign are all shot by be with a professional camera and not borrowed or downloaded from anywhere.



Press Ad – Newspaper and Magazine

Pamphlet – Back / Front


Other miscellaneous media like badge, calendar and pen holder were made which are not posted here.

3rd Campaign – Handmade Culture – Etsy




Press Ad – Newspaper and Magazine

Other Miscellaneous media, Direct Advertisement, Speciality Media and Souvenir

Stationary – Letterhead, Visiting Card, Envelop


Brochure – Front / Back


4th Campaign – VMM Sprint

A new political party started by the youth of your hometown to contest in the upcoming municipal elections. Create visual materials for them to attract more young people to join them as party members, volunteers and elections candidates.

5th Campaign – Public awareness campaign

Research, Brainstorming and Rough work



Magazine Ad

Press Ad – Newspaper Ad


Miscellaneous Media – Mask, Badge and T-shirt